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“This demonstrates FACEBANK’s resilience and financial strength, where—despite the market conditions, the yield curve, and the effects of the pandemic—we have been able to solidify our presence in Latin American markets, including the Hispanic community in the United States, and improve our performance indexes,” stated the General Manager. In their latest report DBRS acknowledged FACEBANK’s online connection to the FRBNY as a “key component” to FACEBANK’s rating “which allows it to efficiently clear deposits for its customers, saving time and discover this expense.” “[W]e view this as a competitive advantage for FACEBANK, as it is the only IBE with this connectivity,” added DBRS. DBRS attributed FACEBANK’s positive evaluation to its adequately diversified investment grade corporate portfolio with 23% of its liquid assets, including U.S. Government bonds. Furthermore, its NIM is above average, as well as the performance of its subsidiary Florida Home Trust Mortgage, where its asset base is located. “FACEBANK’s financial strength is due to a solid customer base, a sound administration that applies the best practices of the industry allowing us to maintain an excellent asset quality, as well as excellent relations with the regulatory entities,” explained Jairo Amaro, FACEBANK’s CFO. “Our innovation in banking services, and the launching of the PipolPay (money transfers) and Nueva Cuenta Dólar (account openings) applications, are an integral part of our strategic plan,” explained Amaro. Established in Puerto Rico, USA since 2006, FACEBANK has a portfolio of over 40,000 customers in countries within the Americas.

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Home / Banking/Finance / University’s poor finances reported FRANKFORT, Ky. – A report by Kentucky’s Council on Postsecondary Education has found that poor financial management by Kentucky State University leadership in recent years has resulted in significant financial losses, Gov. Andy Beshear said. The report recommended that the institution receive $23 million in special appropriations from the state budget to cover shortfalls. KSU officials informed a legislative committee in September that the university will need emergency funding to stay open through the end of the academic year. They also reported that the school has a shortfall that includes $15.5 million from last year’s budget, as well as a $7 million shortfall for this year’s budget. While KSU reported earlier this year that it received positive results from its annual independent financial audit, the councils’ report found evidence of poor financial management by university leadership resulting in financial losses beginning in 2018-19. For instance, cash flow as reported on the audited financial statements was relatively stable in 2016 and 2017, at $19.9 and $18.7 million, respectively, before declining to $14.0 million in fiscal year 2018. Then, in fiscal years 2019 and 2020, cash flows declined to approximately $2 million. The council’s report outlines “several inappropriate techniques” used by university leadership to make payroll obligations.

Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs and Serve Illinois Revive the Spirit of Service through Serving Those Who Served Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs and Serve Illinois Revive the Spirit of Service through Serving Those Who Served Springfield, IL – The Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs in partnership with Serve Illinois today launched the 2021 Serving Those Who Served program, a week of service projects created to thank service men and women, veterans, and their families across the state from beginning November 4th and ending on Veteran’s Day, November 11th. “Serving Those Who Served is an opportunity for us to join together to honor and thank those who served this nation,” said Acting Director Terry Prince. “Working with Serve Illinois elevates volunteerism and our ability to reach a greater number of veterans through myriad of projects across the state.” “The Serving Those Who Served initiative is an important one.  So many of our neighbors, friends, co-workers and family members are veterans.  This gives us an opportunity to contribute to improving the quality of life for them with our volunteer service as they have done for us through their military service.  All of our service makes our state and by extension our country better and stronger,” said Executive Director, N. Ayoka Samuels. The program includes projects such as painting, landscaping, event planning and execution, and writing thank you notes to service men and women and veterans in the Anna, Chicago, LaSalle, Manteno, and Quincy veterans’ homes. Serving Those Who Served recruits volunteers for its own projects as well as organizations looking to bolster its volunteer pool. Serve Illinois’ mission is to improve communities by enhancing volunteerism across Illinois.  It is comprised of a 40-member, bi-partisan board appointed by Governor JB hop over to here Pritzker and administered by the Illinois Department of Public Health. The Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs provides support to Illinois’ over 650,000 veterans by helping them obtain earned benefits and by providing care in its five veterans’ homes across the state. To register for a project, participants may visit: To register a project in need of volunteers, visit: For more information, contact Crystal Womack:   or Jacob Jenkins: . Download the free MyRadioLink app for music, news, contests and more!