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North Roxboro Street at I-85 in Durham As they surveyed the damage, Bray and Minnick noticed a traffic sign hanging from the second story of their home. It was only when they went back inside that they realized how close the sign came to injuring them as they slept. The sign's metal post crashed through the siding into a bathroom and then through an interior wall into their bedroom, ending up near their bed. "There were splinters of drywall, and it hit multiple studs in the wall. Those were splintered and sprayed across the bedroom," Minnick said. "We were very fortunate to not have been injured from this, "Bray said. "A good foot of this road sign was sticking into our bedroom." Despite dozens of crashes, no improvements planned at crash-prone Durham intersections The couple live a few blocks from Durham's most crash-prone intersection , and Bray said the city needs to take charge of the my sources area from the state Department of Transportation – Roxboro Street is a state-maintained road – to reduce the hazard to area residents. "The neighborhood, in general, has been very vocal about this being a dangerous intersection," he said, reciting a litany of crashes in the area since he and his wife have lived there. "It’s no secret that it’s a dangerous intersection, and ultimately, I think it comes up to the city to tell the DOT, 'No, this has to happen.

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Inslee says state will follow OSHA’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate By KIRO 7 News Staff and Associated Press OLYMPIA, Wash. — Gov. Jay Inslee said in a Thursday press conference that Washington will follow OSHA’s criteria for a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, pending current court challenges. The governor said the state is waiting for judicial decisions but will follow the criteria from OSHA on President Biden’s mandate , except where changes may be necessary to align with Washington state laws. This comes after OSHA said it is suspending the enforcement of Biden’s new rules following recent court rulings.

KWCH Car Crash generic They may lose employees when they may not otherwise have to,” Metz said. In advising businesses on how to move forward with a court ruling pending and the deadline still in place, Metz mentioned the burden on employees and employers. “It’s likely that these current deadlines won’t stand because we will be so close to them by a court ruling,” he said. It will be a huge burden on employers ad employers, but I could be wrong, and that’s why being prepared, but not launching a program is probably the best advice.” Looking ahead, Metz also discussed the timeline for workers and employers trying to navigate through uncertainty. “It’s unclear,” he said. “The circuit lottery occurred and they drew the Sixth Circuit to decide. This now is also a fairly conservative court. Not quite as conservative as the Fifth Circuit,” he said. “I believe six of their 16 more information current judges are Trump appointees and the great majority [are] Republicans. Whether that’s predictive of anything, we don’t know, but the fact is, it’s a relatively conservative jurisdiction. So, some think that leads to a likelihood that they will at least continue to stay or modify the program.” To meet OSHA’s original Jan.

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However, the outbreak of the COVID-19 left a slight negative impact on the solar pump market due to the supply chain disruptions, stricter inspections and export protocols, nationwide lockdowns. Moreover, with the rising electricity cost, increasing awareness amongst the small producers and farmers about the low operational cost of the solar pumps and the adverse climatic conditions which create water supply shortages. The global pandemic obstructed the innovations and equipment's on the farms. Since the solar water pumping system involves a relatively higher upfront cost, farmers feel reluctant in installing the pumping systems in times of crisis. The constant support by the government would reduce the prices of the overall solar pumping system, which would further augment the demand in the forecast period. In terms of Power Ratings, the segments Upto 3 Hp and 3.1 to 10 Hp cumulatively have captured 70% of the market revenues in 2020, with 3.1 to 10Hp leading the market. 3.1 to 10 HP and below power rated solar water pumping systems in Australia would dominate in the coming years on account of increasing affordability and rising preferences towards multi-stage suction motors. In Australia's Solar-Off Grid Water Pumping System Market, lift irrigation has led the overall market revenues accounting for more than 65% of the market revenues in 2020. With the supportive government initiatives towards harnessing renewable energy across all the economic activities and the rising exports, the segment would continue to rise in the coming years. Historical Data Starting from 2017 to 2020.