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"We want to be at the climate table." Curtis also argued there's a growing desire in the party to address the climate crisis, pointing out that 70 House Republicans, or roughly one-third of the conference, joined the newly formed Conservative Climate Caucus this year. "It's kind of a recent phenomenon in conservative politics, and really has developed well in the last few years," said Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas, one of the Republicans traveling to the climate summit. "Independents want to hear it. Younger voters want to hear from you. We need to be showing that, look, we still care." 'Historic breakthrough': 20 countries say they will stop funding fossil fuel projects abroad House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy held a three-day forum to highlight some of the GOP's environmental proposals earlier this year and appointed a task force dedicated to the topic. "The Republican Party is very forward-looking to find how we could be energy independent, instead of making gasoline prices so high," the California Republican told CNN. "You wouldn't want the world to think the message on climate was just with Nancy Pelosi.

To print this article, all you need is to be registered or login on In a published statement, SEC Acting Chief Accountant PaulMunter  highlighted (i) the responsibilities ofauditors, management and audit committees in maintaining auditorindependence in both "fact and appearance" and (ii)proper audit committee oversight of the independent auditor. Noting how companies are accessing the public markets, and howaudit firms are expanding into non-audit services, Mr. Munterencouraged: audit committees and management to proactively monitor forfuture business relationships that might a cool way to improve impact auditorindependence; and audit firms to consider how a multi-year, non-audit service toor business relationship with non-audit clients could impact futureauditor independence. Mr. Munter emphasized that auditors must comply with the generalstandards of independence set forth in SEC  Rule210.2-01 ("Qualifications of accountants") underRegulation S-X. Mr. Munter also highlighted the importance for audit committeesto set go!! the right "tone at the top" as to auditorindependence and financial reporting quality. SEC Statement, Paul Munter: The Importance of HighQuality Independent Audits and Effective Audit Committee Oversightto High Quality Financial Reporting to Investors The content of this article is intended to provide a generalguide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be soughtabout your specific circumstances.

Rep. John Rogers, D-Birmingham, said that the courts are going to be the true decider of the districts. “We’re going to win this in court,” Rogers said. “I’m even more sure of that after last night. The courts have ruled over and over on not keeping counties whole. This is a slam dunk.” After Rogers said he had spoken with Judge Myron Thompson about the lawsuit, Pringle questioned the comment, alluding that speaking with a federal judge about the case was improper. Rogers said Thomspon is a good friend, and they were discussing the case off record. “Yeah, you’re ‘off the record’ because you just admitted you’ve been discussing this with Myron Thompson,” Pringle said. There was also some confusion as committee members noted they did not have State Board of Education maps to review. Pringle said it was an oversight on the committee’s part and print copies were brought to the meeting room for review before the committee voted.